ARN Client User Condition API

The ARN Client Condition API provides several convenient APIs to check conditions related to the connected user/wallet. These conditions can be evaluated using the arnClient.condition.user API.

Checking Being Listed

Lists in the ARN Server configuration can be defined and stored on the server side. The client conditions API allows you to check if the connected user/wallet is listed in specific lists using their symbolic names.

Here is an example of how to use the isListedIn function to check if the user is listed in multiple lists:

const isListed = await arnClient.condition.user.isListedIn('myList1', 'myList2');
if (isListed) {
  console.log(`The user is listed in at least one of the checked lists`);
} else {
  console.log(`The user is not part of any of the required lists`);


  • The isListedIn function is a convenient API that internally uses the IsWhitelistedCondition API.
  • The condition API supports chaining, allowing you to use the inContext(someConditionContext).isListed(lists) syntax, which enables you to benefit from cached results.