ARN Client Arianee Condition API

The ARN Client Condition API provides convenient APIs to check conditions related to Arianee's NFTs, also known as "Arianee Smart Assets." These conditions can be evaluated using the arnClient.condition.arianee API.

Checking Tags

The hasNftWithTags function allows you to check if the connected user owns Arianee Smart Assets (Arianee NFTs) that bear specific tags or none at all.

Here is an example of how to use the hasNftWithTags function to check if the user has NFTs with required tags:

const hasTags = await arnClient.condition.arianee.hasNftWithTags('myTag1', 'myTag2');
if (hasTags) {
  console.log(`The user has NFTs with the required tags!`);
} else {
  console.log(`The user has no NFTs with the required tags`);


  • The hasNftWithTags function is a convenient API that internally uses the HasArianeeSmartAssetCondition API.
  • The condition API supports chaining, allowing you to use the inContext(someConditionContext).hasTags(tags) syntax, which enables you to benefit from cached results.

Checking SPKZ Rules

The isSpkzVerified function allows you to check if a specific SPKZ rule is verified or not.

Here is an example of how to use the isSpkzVerified function to check if a server SPKZ rule is verified:

const ok = await arnClient.condition.arianee.isSpkzVerified('myServerSpkzRule');
if (ok) {
  console.log(`The user owns at least 11 tokens`);
} else {
  console.log(`The user does not own enough tokens`);


  • The isSpkzVerified function is a convenient API that internally checks the verification of an SPKZ rule.
  • For more details about Token Gating rules, refer to the ARN Client Condition API documentation.