The ARN Client is a powerful JavaScript API designed to enhance your website by integrating Arianee's web3 services. By incorporating the ARN Client into your application, you can leverage a range of features and capabilities, including:

  • Authentication: Seamlessly integrate wallet connectivity, web3 modal functionality, and JWT signing to enable smooth user authentication and authorization processes.

  • Conditions: Utilize token-based and database-based conditions to check for specific criteria. This includes the ability to perform checks based on NFT tags and whitelist membership, empowering you to implement custom access controls.

  • NFT: Access simplified APIs for managing conditions related to NFTs. This includes functionalities such as token gating, whitelist verifications, and retrieving NFT metadata information.

  • Data: Read and write data stored in project-specific, server-side databases. This enables you to interact with and manipulate data to support various application functionalities.

  • Reporting: Configure event tracking on the client side, allowing you to monitor and gather valuable insights on user interactions and behaviors within your application.

  • Internationalization (i18n): Easily retrieve translations of message keys to support multilingual applications and provide localized content for your users.

  • Debug: Debug ARN Client behavior effectively by utilizing comprehensive logging capabilities. This facilitates troubleshooting and ensures the smooth operation of your integration with Arianee's web3 services.

By integrating the ARN Client API into your website, you can unlock the full potential of Arianee's suite of web3 services, enhancing user experiences, implementing advanced access controls, managing data effectively, and gaining valuable insights into user interactions.