While it is technically possible to directly access and modify project data in the relevant database, we strongly discourage this approach. Direct database access can result in writing incorrect data and missing the application of essential business rules, such as cache invalidation. To ensure data integrity and consistency, we recommend using the ARN Server administration commands and options outlined in this documentation.


Root Commands

These commands apply to the ARN Server and all projects hosted on it. Root API key authorization is required to execute these commands.

Projects Listing

To list existing project keys, use the following command:

ts-node ArnAdminTool .* --url https://my-arn-server --api-key MyApiKey

Example output:

Project keys:
[ 'testProject', 'yslbeauty' ]

You can refine the filter by specifying a regular expression:

ts-node ArnAdminTool ysl.* --url https://my-arn-server --api-key MyApiKey

Example output:

Project keys:
[ 'yslbeauty' ]

Projects Migration

This command migrates all projects hosted on the ARN Server. It applies the migration specified by the migration command.

ts-node ArnAdminTool migrate ./MigrationCommand_202302131854 --url https://my-arn-server --api-key MyApiKey

Project Commands

These commands require a project API key (or root API key).

Project Fetch

To fetch the configuration of a specific project, use the following command:

ts-node ArnAdminTool --url https://my-arn-server --api-key MyApiKey

Example output:

Project yslbeauty config is:
  "projectAdminApiKey": "MyApiKey",
  "client": {
    "i18n": {
      "lang": [
    "default": "en"

You can combine the fetch command with the --file option to save the fetched configuration into a file.

Project Update

To update the configuration of a project, use the following command:

ts-node ArnAdminTool --project myproject --update --file newConfig.json --url https://my-arn-server --api-key MyApiKey

This command prompts you to confirm the overwrite and then updates the project:

Update project "myproject" from https://my-arn-server? **y**
Updated project myproject

Project Migration

This command executes a migration code that mutates the configuration state of a project.

ts-node ArnAdminTool migrate ./MyMigration --project myproject --url https://my-arn-server --api-key MyApiKey

The specified migration implements the MigrationCommand interface:

export default class MyMigration implements MigrationCommand {
  constructor(protected http: HttpService, protected logger: Logger) {}
  async execute(configService: ProjectConfigService) {
    // Migration implementation using configService.get()/set()

The migration is dynamically loaded, and its execute() method is called.

Data Commands

Data commands require the --data command.

Data Import

You can import data using the --import option in combination with the data command.

To import data from specific columns (column1 and column2) of a CSV file into a given data path:

ts-node ArnAdminTool --project my